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We were walking on the asphalt road winding around the pond at Pine Cove Crier Creek.  It had been a wonderful day filled with camp activities and we were headed to dinner.  Suddenly our 4-year old squatted down on the pavement and refused to walk any further.  After we asked her what was wrong several times, she finally blurted out, “I want to go to heaven.”  As parents of four children, ages 4 to 21 at the time, conflicting thoughts filled our brains.  “Hooray! She has a heart for Jesus and wants to be with Him,” was quickly followed by a more serious question, “Could this young child be severely depressed?”  In the nano-seconds it took to process those thoughts, I managed to choke out a follow-up question, “Mackenzie, why do you want to go to Heaven?”  In that innocent pre-school voice, she quickly responded “Well, because Earth is taking too long, and there’s a rock in my shoe!”

That line immediately became our family code used whenever we are feeling discouraged or frustrated.  But the reality is that Earth does feel like it is taking too long!  We experience emptiness and discontentment because we can’t fill that emptiness on our own.  The emptiness is only filled when we recognize that Jesus, our source of life, is both our Savior and Lord over everything.  We long to be spiritually invigorated, to exchange the emptiness for life and joy and purpose.

Freestyle Living is dedicated to helping each of us understand our roles, surrender our resources to God’s ownership as faithful stewards and respond to God’s love as generous givers so that we will be Spiritually Invigorated, Financially Free and Generously Living.

Please join the conversation as we discover and grow together.  What’s the rock in your shoe?



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  1. shahida permalink
    March 8, 2011

    Sometimes my situations get the better of me I get so stressed dat I take it out on my children and husband.I gess da stone in my shoe is I need to bear fruits of da spirit

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