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Are you familiar with Gestalt images? They are pictures that change when your focus changes. Perhaps the most famous one is the young lady/old hag. Did you realize that the picture of the young man above is actually a Gestalt image, too? Look closely and you’ll see him facing the camera. Shift your focus to find a side shot.

I’m always fascinated by the effort it takes to shift my eyes to see the alternate image, but the real shift is required in my mind. I have to intentionally and proactively start gazing at the alternate image so that the other image will diminish.

I face the same challenges with my money decisions. Once I decide to make changes to better align my finances and my life priorities, I try to jump in and accomplish ten things at once. This is one of the primary reasons families drop out after the initial steps of financial counseling. They tackle everything and nothing all at the same time and get discouraged.

The Bible talks about focus in terms of “setting your mind.” Change requires a new mind set or focus. What’s your top priority with your finances? To meet a long-term goal? To earn more income? To grow in generosity? More purposeful spending? To pay off debt?

Ultimately, you may want to do all of these things. For today, though, decide which one will produce the greatest benefit and choose it as your focus. When you make progress on the first goal, it will give you the momentum to stick with your plan to reach all of your goals.

What’s your priority focus? Share it here in the comments. We’ll cheer you on as you go!

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