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“Why do you spend your labor on what does not satisfy?”  That’s a question that God asked in the Bible and that I ask myself just about every time I unload the dishwasher or toss in another load of laundry – not very satisfying!

What makes work satisfying? Is it the money? Although being paid is certainly helpful, some of my most satisfying moments have come from unpaid labor.   Is it the hard, complicated breakthroughs solving a problem?  Well, sometimes, but I’ve found satisfaction in the most mundane

One of the most satisfying things about work is that it allows me to express the uniqueness of me!  No matter what kind of work I am doing, whether it’s household chores, parenting, preparing a speech or making corporate decisions, I am bundling up all the talents, experiences, intelligence, creativity, energy and resources God gave me and putting my energies towards making something better.  In the process, I’m contributing to others and creating something that’s greater than myself.

I think God wired us that way.  To experience satisfaction when we are doing the things he uniquely made us to do.  The task itself may be simple, but if it’s the job He has for me, it can produce a spark of energy that brings great satisfaction.  When I view that load of laundry as preparing the leotard for my 13-year-old aspiring dancer, it’s a much more satisfying venture.

What about you?  What has God given you to do today that will make something better?   Go tackle it as only you can.

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