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When you picture ”refreshment services” what do you see?  I immediately visualize a bubbly fresh coke in a glass from a real soda fountain – not a vending machine!

Glass of bubbles

A friend of mine recently passed along an email article from R. Scott Rhodin, a great thinker on leadership, stewardship and generosity.  He gave me an entirely new perspective on refreshment.

“There is a great Latin phrase that can help us understand the Refreshment of Service.  It is “incurvatus en se”.   It means ‘to be curved in on one’s self.You can form the mental image for yourself.  It is a silly posture when you think about it, but it is so easy to assume.  When we focus our attention on our own needs, our own problems and our own situation in life, we become “incurvatus en se.” The products of living “incurvatus en se” are exhaustion, anxiety, resentment and a dry Spirit.

How do we get out of this posture?  By serving others.  The blessings of service are abundant and transformational.  Serving ‘ uncurves’ us.  It opens us up toward others and re-forms us outwardly that God may do a great transformational work within us.”

Generous living means that my life is lived “uncurved”.  I am open and free to serve those God calls me to serve.  I’m able to share my talent and time as I see needs.  I want to be in the “refreshment services” business so that I can fulfill my God potential!

Do you have days that you are “curved in” on yourself? What has helped you “uncurve”?

[Image by Sgt. Pepperedjane on, licensed under Creative Commons]

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  1. April 30, 2011

    Childhood sometimes does pay a second visit to man; youth never.

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