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GPS betrayal. The moment of defeat in an unfamiliar territory when just minutes before you were confidently and light-heartedly navigating your way to a new destination. Now you find yourself wedged in the middle of 15 cars waiting to turn left on a crowded street with your desired destination looming directly to the right.

I experienced GPS betrayal the other day in downtown Atlanta. A friend and I were car pooling to an important meeting. We left from home 20 minutes early to insure we arrived on time. We successfully wove through Atlanta traffic like undercover spies to reach downtown almost 10 minutes ahead of schedule. We closed in on our designated meeting place, eased our way into the left turn lane and peered just around the corner for the entrance to the building. Neither one of us could see it. We scoured every corner of the intersection and couldn’t decipher any clues to where we should go. About that time, the light turned green and we were forced to move, still scanning the skyscrapers for any clue to the correct location.

To add insult to injury, the “helpful” GPS guide voice keep emphatically stating, “You have arrived at your destination.” “You have arrived at your destination.” Turn that thing off! We spent the next 15 minutes circling various city blocks adjacent to our cloaked destination until finally we spotted an inconspicuous sign on a building we had passed 6 or 8 times. There is a difference in “arriving at a destination” and landing where you want to be!

“Decision betrayal” is far more serious that GPS betrayal. Decision betrayal occurs when you arrive at a destination only to realize it has taken you further from rather than closer to your goal. How can you minimize “decision betrayal” financially? Just like being stuck in a left turn lane when you need to go right, it’s often the “decision before the decision” that makes all the difference in the outcome. Here are 3 key before-the-decision questions to ask:

1. How will this impact my financial goals?
2. Can I wait?
3. Is there a better alternative?

Are you bold enough to take the before-the-decision challenge? Answer these 3 questions before each purchase or financial decision for the next 2 weeks and review the ways your decisions change. Be sure to let me know how it goes so we can celebrate better decisions together!

[Image by Perfesser on, licensed under Creative Commons]

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  1. December 22, 2011

    Thank you Sharon!
    I have been following the rich & satisfying life series and occasionally flip over to your financial tips. I am finding both particularly helpful and pertinent. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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