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2011 June 17



CouponsHave you followed any of the “extreme couponing” movement or watched the shows on TV where people are adding extra rooms to their homes or building storage units just to hold all the goods they’ve acquired with “cents off” and BOGOs [that’s Buy One Get One free to a couponer]?  On the surface, it appears to be good stewardship, but something never felt quite right about it to me.  Then I met my friend, Heather.  She had a completely different use for extreme couponing.  Even though Heather didn’t have a lot of money to share, but she had a vision and passion for helping the unemployed who needed food.  She had been there herself.  She and a handful of other women began “couponing” to see how much they could give away!  They would invest $10/week and often leave the store with a vanload of groceries.  The employees of our local food bank cheered the arrival of Heather’s van. They knew she brought bounty.

The women of today’s study were just the opposite of Heather.  Honestly, it’s a little tough to visualize the horrific actions of these women.  We’ll read just one short verse in Amos 4:1.  I believe you’ll say, “I’d never want to be like that.” Me neither!  Thankfully, God gave us the prescription to avoid it.  Read 1 Timothy 6:17-19.

Here are your questions for today:

  1. When you compare the Amos verse with the 1 Timothy scripture, what could have been some of the earlier actions or inactions that the women in Amos did that led to oppressing the poor? Consider the opposite of what the 1 Timothy verses instruct.
  2. The 1 Timothy verses reference those who are “rich in this world”.  Based on our study so far, what do you think the difference is between “rich in this world” and the “rich and satisfying life” from John 10:10?
  3. How could these verses apply to your current situation?
  4. What one thing will you do different as a result of our study today?

I was once challenged to ask God to bring a poor person into my life to serve.  It’s a bold request.  Would you be up to it?

[Image by sdc2027 on, licensed under Creative Commons]


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