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My Story

Hi, there. I’m Sharon Epps.

People often ask me why I’m passionate about helping others move from a mundane to meaningful life. My story did not begin that way.

I’ve always loved dealing with money. I love to count it, calculate it, and, of course, spend it. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of helping my grandmother at the cash register of her arts & crafts store in a small town in West Texas. In high school, I held the position of “vault cashier” of a big box home improvement store where I was trusted to count thousands of dollars each day. After graduating from Abilene Christian University with a degree in finance (would you expect anything else?), I became a corporate banker. I began to believe that “all things” money could be captured on a spreadsheet with neat and tidy calculations. I successfully promoted “wise money management” to businesses ranging from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies.

Despite my success in the corporate arena, I felt something was missing. This feeling prompted me to begin searching for my purpose and place in the world. In the year 2000, after a 5-year search, I discovered a new view of money – God’s view! I learned that He owns everything and I am simply His manager. That truth rocked my world and redefined my life passion. Money is no longer my focus.

Now my mission is to help people discover God’s purpose for their life and to use their money to accomplish it. I’ve had the opportunity to personally counsel with hundreds of individuals and families, On the airco-host Crown Financial Ministries’ MoneyLife radio program and to speak and teach in venues large and small throughout the US and in Latin America.

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Spiritually Invigorated. Generously Living.

My greatest laboratory is my own family. I have 4 grown children who’ve made me “Gigi” to 5 grandbabies in 5 years! They’ve survived my purposeful living experiments and don’t mind being my guinea pigs most days. My husband, Joel, is the love of my life who makes our home fun (and funny!)

I having friends over for dinner, Jazzercise, playing Yahtzee, going to family camp, and eating Mexican food.

I’d be delighted for you to join me in this journey to live the life God planned for you by using your money to accomplish His plan and purpose! You’ll find a more rich and satisfying life than money could ever buy!

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